Habits for Healthy Minds




Stop Self-Sabotage Using The Topdog Versus Underdog Game

Topdog versus Underdog is a game we play with ourselves, one we cannot win.. Here are ways to shift mindsets into a positive way of being.

Why Do Adults Need Coloring Books?

As writing incorporates a greater degree of brainpower, involving as it does our muscles, portions of our brain involved in decision-making and elaboration of intent and memory, drawing does much the same.

The Shadow of a Smile Has Magic in It

Today the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is one that strongly supports the idea that we can manage our nervous and immune system by our emotions.

The Cohen Clinic Expands Mental Health Treatments for Active Duty Service Members

The Cohen Clinic at Metrocare in Addison, Texas now offering individual mental health therapy for active duty service members.