Miscarriage and Early Pregnancy Loss; What Women Need to Know

A miscarriage goes by many names chemical pregnancy, early pregnancy loss, miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion. Regardless of what we call it, women feel a profound loss and want answers.

Better Care is Needed for Postpartum Depression

One in seven women suffers from postpartum depression. I had been treating it throughout my career. I caught the easy cases. I helped them, and they got better.

Trump’s America. Deride Them, But They are Better Than You

Democrats are unintentionally engineering the erosion of the nation's access to basic healthcare and essential services such as reproductive choice, seriously jeopardizing the bodily...

Daily Aspirin; This Simple Solution Saves Pregnant Women’s Lives

We can reduce the risk of preeclampsia by encouraging the daily low-dose aspirin in women who have an increased risk for high blood pressure in pregnancy