Hepatitis C

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Viruses cause most cases of hepatitis. The type of hepatitis is named for the virus that causes it; hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D and hepatitis E.

Getting Tested for HIV. What Women Need to Know.

Getting tested is the only way to find out if you have HIV. Early testing is important. If you have HIV, starting treatment early with today’s antiviral drugs may help you live decades longer and lower the risk of passing HIV to your partners.

Texas Teachers Now Eligible for Covid-19 Vaccination

The Biden administration sent all states notice to change the vaccine categories. Texas vaccine providers may now vaccinate teachers and childcare workers

Bacterial Vaginosis; What to Do When Your Vagina Smells Bad

Bacterial vaginosis is a common, non sexually transmitted vaginal infection causing discharge and foul-smelling odor.