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Suicidology Is Corrupted by Researchers Who Say Things That Aren’t in Their Data

Journals are a big part of the problem of misrepresented or misinterpreted data. They seduce researchers with temptations that they cannot resist

Cleverly Using Semantics to Deceive and Avoid Licensing as a Therapist?

Coaching, without a doubt, is big business, and it is estimated to bring in $11B in 2021. There is little control over the use of the term “life coach,” and it is an unregulated industry

Beware the Strike of an “Evil” Therapist

If someone, with a predilection toward skirting the rules of ethics related to psychotherapy, were to be in a position of power, what would they do? Could they harm us in some way?

Three Ways Virginia Satir Influenced Gestalt Psychotherapy

Call Virginia Satir a pioneer. Call her the “Mother of Family Therapy.” No matter the title, Virginia Satir influenced Gestalt's psychotherapy development in three ways