Environmental Impact




Cyclones Are Worrisome for Mental Health, Not Simply Structures

Climate change and what it brings has broader implications than we knew, and now we are realizing how extensive mental health issues can be.

Parkinson’s: What’s Behind the Fastest-Growing Brain Disease?

COULD PARKINSON’S DISEASE DRAMATIC RISE result from exposure to a common chemical?

An Honest Explanation of Climate Denial

Lord David Frost recently downplayed the urgency of climate warming mitigation, suggesting that the UK manage this with air conditioning and structural changes to buildings. However, his stance seems dangerously shortsighted with looming threats like disease transmission from the tiger mosquito and potentially catastrophic shifts in weather patterns due to the Gulf Stream's instability. It's critical to approach climate change with the gravity and urgency it warrants, prioritising long-term safety over short-term convenience.

Are You Exposing Yourself to This Potentially Lethal Chemical?

ARE YOU EXPOSED EACH DAY TO PHTHALATES, chemicals in everything from makeup to plastic containers? A new study from New York University suggests that such exposure may...