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Researchers Have Stepped Into the Weird World of Science Fiction

Curing disease, growing organs, and even teaching organoids to play a computer game are sending seismic waves of hope within the research community as the potential increases exponentially.

A Pig Heart Was Transplanted Into a Human a Few Days Ago Is This The Future of Organ Transplantation?

It is still a very experimental procedure, but it likely will be improved rapidly in the coming years and may become the standard approach...

The MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD Study. What You’ll Get Wrong

Readers, including even experts, are falling for a hard sell job by venture capitalists who launder their funding of the study through a nonprofit foundation and seek not legalization

CAR T-mRNA Therapy For Cardiac Fibrosis: A New Way Forward

This is a series on the advances in CAR T, a remarkable immunotherapy treatment dubbed a “living drug.” This new therapy genetically modifies a patient’s cells to fight cancer, but current research efforts hope to treat autoimmune diseases, organ damage and more.