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Worshiping at The Alter of Zach Bush’s Messianic Health Cult

Zach Bush examined again, in response to supporters of the alternative health community and the health cult Bush has built around himself. Is he a quack?

Not Simply Masking, But Double Masking Is Needed

Masks need to be more efficient, and therein lies the rationale for double masking. Increased transmissibility in new variants should be all the justification we need.

FINN Partners Brings Aboard the Pharmacy Podcast Network

FINN Partners announces Pharmacy Podcast Network will join FINN starting December 1st, 2021, expnding FINN's Omni Channel Communications

Five Potential Sources of Food Poisoning This Summer. Foods to be Wary of in the Heat

Food Poisoning affects one in six Americans every year. Discover which foods may be culprits in the summer heat and how to avoid food