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Monsanto, Roundup, and Glyphosate. Whose Side is Science on and Why it Matters to Us?

Science gets sidelined by lobbying groups, money and institutionalized politics. This directly impacts public health and the environment.

Staff Shortages. Baptist Health Highlights a Growing Issue in Healthcare

Baptist Health Systems in San Antonio is adopting a new strategy to attract healthcare workers. Upfront bonuses of up to 20K indicate the extent of a staffing issue healthcare faces

The Complete A to Z of Long Haul Covid Symptoms. What you Need to Know

A complete list of symptoms for Long Haul Covid or Chronic Covid Syndrome. Educate yourself about the symptoms and seek help from qualified healthcare professionals

Mastering The Art of Tweet-Jacking During a Pandemic

Covid conspiracies rely on tweet-jacking fact based tweets from reputable sources, appropriating the tweet and then subverting it for their own agenda.