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Unforeseen Rise of the Long-Hauler Rehab Clinic Is Imminent

Covid-19 is an illness that doesn’t leave everyone free of symptoms after treatment and discharge from the hospital. Some suffer a second covid infection after what was thought to be an effective treatment regime.

Sleep’s Sweet Spot. You Need This Much Sleep to Prevent Cognitive Decline

Know how long you should be sleeping each night, especially as you age? Research has identified the sweet spot for sleep

Understanding Mask Terminology, N95/KN95/N99, and What to Buy

Learn about which masks offer the most protection against Covid-19 and what the terms mean as far as the masks efficacy is concerned. Which mask should you buy.

Up, Up, And Away: The Evolution of Speed

Amphetamine was synthesized from ephedrine by German scientists in 1887, and methamphetamine, also created by Nagayoshi, arrived in 1893. Pharmacologist Akira Ogata took methamphetamine one step further