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I Had an Emotionally Healing Vaginal Birth After my C Section.  Why VBAC May Be Right For You, Too

VBAC is the term for having a vaginal birth after you've delivered a baby by caesarian section. Many women don't realize this is an option and this is my story

Dr. Shi Zhengli, Wuhan’s Batwoman Speaks Out on Covid and Lab Leak Theory

Dr. Shi Zhengli,,Wuhan Batwoman, spoke to a New York Times reporter to offer her side of the story on Lb Leaks and politics clouding science

How Republican Radicals Are Weaponizing Healthcare in America

Seditious elements within the GOP are weaponizing healthcare as a tool to further their racist, white supremacy goals. They're even holding conferences to strategize.

Wadhwani Foundation $1 Million In Grants for Covid Families in India

Wadhwani Foundation Announces $1 Million In Grants To Immediately Help Indian Families Impacted By Covid-19. Donations to 10 charities and organizations will provide medical and financial assistance to patients and families to help reduce the devastating impact and slow COVID-19 spread.