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These Vaccinated Groups are Still at Risk of Severe Covid, UK Study Finds

Post Covid-19 vaccination, some patient groups are still at risk of developing severe Covid, according to findings from a new UK study.

Reiner Fuellmich Fact Checked and Exposed as a Covid Conspiracy Con

Reiner Fuellmich is attempting the same thing he accuses the world of, massive deception, His Covid misinformation and con are intentional and

If You’re Unvaccinated for Covid Can Your Doctor Refuse to Treat You?

Are doctors legally and ethically obliged to provide unvaccinated Covid patients with care or can they choose to refuse treatment

Debunking Common Coronavirus and Covid Misconceptions, Myths, Lies, and Fairytales

Debunking Covid myths and conspiracies about masks, vaccines, PCR tests and more. A long list of misinformation rebutted. Want to help counter covid misinformation?