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Smoke, Dip, or Pouch It and Suffer the Horrific Consequences?

Tobacco products have been proven to cause various cancers, but new nicotine-containing products are questionable, too.

“Cognitive Liberty” May Be Imperiled in a World of AI Intrusion

We have many options with computer programming, especially with artificial intelligence, but we have to be careful about what it produces, and there are serious concerns here.

War Tears Children Apart in Invisible, Prolonged Ways Into Their Futures

There can be no escaping the mental terror, anguish, and helplessness of children in war-torn countries during the 21st century, but what does it bode for their futures?

Top 13 Ways to Cut Dementia

I HAVE A GREAT FEAR OF DEMENTIA. Today, I want to share thirteen evidence-based ways you may lower your chances of getting significant memory loss....