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Listeners On Call Tackles Loneliness Through the Art of Listening

Dallas-based startup Listeners on Call is trying to solve the problem of loneliness through its consumer listening services connecting people in need to an empathetic listening ear.

Dementia Remains One of Our Most Serious Mysteries

Many dementia misdiagnoses are written in stone in charts, and then the patients are treated accordingly. Often, patients suffer from this ageist bias.

Resistant, Searing Fear in the ER/ED

Multiple brain structures involved in fear work in an interplay of swift reactions meant to preserve and protect life, usually from saber-tooth tigers, but today real or imagined threats.

Is Self-compassion and Quiet Time, a Good Thing or Simply Narcissistic Behavior?

A favorite childhood character in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the White Rabbit (who was made even more famous by Grace Slick’s “White Rabbit”), was always sputtering,...