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The Power of Words

Harnessing Communications Across Disciplines to Heal Our Environment. The power of words must be translated into meaningful actions

10 Health Possibilities We Can’t Afford to Block

It’s that time of year — when our inboxes and social media feeds populate with words from the wise on the coming year’s trends. This...

Deadly Superbug Candida Auris Hits Two Dallas Hospitals. Officials Won’t Name Hospitals

A drug-resistant strain of Candida Auris has been detected in two Dallas Hospital's. Officials are endangering public health by not identifying the hospitals.

Is Alzheimer’s Damage Linked to Deadly Pollution of Babies, Not Old Age?

Alzheimer’s disease isn’t a disease of old age; it begins in infancy, possibly even before birth, because of pollution. Pollution, therefore, initiates the death spiral even before children can walk and talk.