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New Money From CDC Can Reduce the High Rate of Birth Defects in Texas

The Texas Birth Defects Registry received new funding from the CDC to help Texas track and trend the most accurate data to identify at-risk populations better and increase our States ability to protect pregnant people and babies.

Climate, Environment and the Future of Epidemics

How climate change and human activity are the tipping points for infectious diseases of epidemic proportions

Is the Solution to Clean Drinking Water, Energy, and Oxygen Right Under our Noses?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on our planet and has the potential to offer us limitless energy, water and oxygen. Alternate Energy Sources must be

Plastics Have Made Their Way Into Our Brains and May Cause Neurologic Disorders

The “wonderful” development of plastics in the 1940s brought about a change in our lives and may have created an incessant, hidden danger to our health.