Remote Triage & COVID-19

"Remote Traige allows you to ensure the well-being of your patients remotely and to accurately diagnose those in need of care with a high degree of accuracy. In the midst of a pandemic it is quite literally a life saver for doctors, their practices and their patients. Isabel, in our opinion, is the only choice for intelligent DDx" - MEDIKA LIFE

Isabel Remote Triage for GP Practices

The Isabel Remote Triage System already covers over 6,000 diseases but now includes a comprehensive and frequently updated COVID-19 module featuring over 70 clinical features . Isabel Remote Triage is an essentail tool for dealing with COVID-19. Scroll down for features or;

Isabel Will Help You Rapidly and Remotely Answer These Questions:

  • How ill is my patient?
  • Could my patient have COVID-19?
  • Could my patient have another possible disease?
  • How can I get a concise summary of what I need to know before speaking to my patient?

What is Isabel Remote Triage?

The Isabel Remote Triage system uses the validated machine learning-based Isabel Symptom Checker to indicate a patient’s level of acuity and severity on a coloured bar, providing the clinician with a standard one-page form with the relevant information needed to efficiently triage the patient virtually.

Unlike specific COVID-19 screening tools, Isabel already covers over 6,000 diseases and has been trained and kept up-to-date with the multiple ways that COVID-19 can present. This means Isabel will suggest COVID-19, if relevant, but also other possible diseases together with the information about the patient’s onset, duration and severity of symptoms.

Medika Life Disclaimer

Medika Life does not benefit financially or otherwise from the placement of the service, software or tools advertised above. Based on our assessment of products available in the marketplace, this product has been selected solely on its merits, features and performance.