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Combating Loneliness Is Everyone’s Job

Loneliness, especially at holiday times, is part of the urban landscape, and it’s something that each of us needs to combat. The battle isn’t...

Philippines Food Aid Project

Donate now to assist starving children in the Luzon area of the Philippines. Medika has a team on the ground in the Philippines and all aid is immediately distributed.

Wuhan Was Not the Source of the Coronavirus, According to Research

New research suggests strongly that Wuhan was not the source or the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Early infection in September of 2019 in Europe show

The Book Fragmented is a Key Step Toward Navigating America’s Ailing Health System

Stanford Medicine Physician and Author Ilana Yurkiewicz Spotlights “Fragmentation” in a Long-Awaited Book for Patients and Providers