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From The Appeals Desk: Know Your Sepsis

Among the many types of denials from insurance companies that come across my desk, one I have been seeing more frequently is the "DRG...

Vaccinate or Pay up. Healthcare and Life Insurers are About to Solve Vaccine Hesitancy

American Healthcare and Life Cover Insurers will soon insist on Covid Vaccination. Remain unvaccinated and your premiums will rise.

Uninsured Children; Time for Us to Help Kids Get Access to High-Quality Healthcare

Many US children qualify for high-quality healthcare through the Medicaid and CHIP programs. Here, we show families how to apply to these programs.

Privatizing Medicare: Greed is Creating a Financial Crisis for Seniors

Large health insurance companies are dominating the Medicare Advantage (MA) market and gaming the system to maximize profits. The loser in the push to privatize Medicare is seniors