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John is the founder of NostaLab, a digital health think tank recognized globally for an inspired vision of digital transformation. His focus is on guiding companies, NGOs, and governments through the dynamics of exponential change and the diffusion of innovation into complex systems. He is also a member of the Google Health Advisory Board and the WHO’s Digital Health Roster of Experts. He is a frequent and popular contributor to Fortune, Forbes, Psychology Today and Bloomberg as well as prestigious peer-reviewed journals including The American Journal of Physiology, Circulation, and The American Journal of Hematology.
United States
Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg and Psychology Today Author; Goggle and WHO Advisor
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Boston University
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Health Innovation, Health Technology, Digital Technologies
John Nosta
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Large Language Models have become more than tech achievements; they are vital reflections of humanity.

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By embracing the multi-dimensional relationship with technology, we’re not just optimizing work; we are enriching life.

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Today, digital adoption, and particularly AI, is high on the list for transformative initiatives. The momentum in healthcare toward integrating advanced technology is undeniable, yet it finds itself at a critical crossroads. The journey into uncharted waters is fraught with peril as the path forward remains ill-defined. Health system leaders recognize the potential of generative […]

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Visuals can spark fire in the brain to unlock the limbic lure.

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The last few years have seen groundbreaking advances in artificial intelligence with the rapid evolution of large language models and AI systems. Among the most significant of these developments is the unveiling of the Med-PaLM M by Google Research and Google DeepMind teams. This powerful tool represents a fundamental shift in the application of AI […]

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The adoption of digital health may not be about the speed, nor the idea itself, but rather how well the idea is tailored to suit the unique and complex world of healthcare.

7 months ago no Comment

Is GPT Digital Health’s Inflection Point?
While disappointment prevails, change may be in the air.

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The pharmaceutical industry must move beyond a business and manufacture to become a beacon of action for the countless lives lost and impacted by the social blight of addiction.

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Pause and perspective may be humanity’s most powerful tools in today’s frenetic world.

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As Silicon Valley’s long-held position at the forefront of innovation and technology begins to wane, the pharmaceutical industry finds itself with an unprecedented opportunity to step up and become not just a leader but THE leader in these domains.

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