Bills and Legislation




Missouri Debates Birth Control Ban Without Knowing How Contraception Works

Missouri senators are holding up Medicaid funding trying to block birth control access without understanding these contraceptive methods do not cause abortions.

Dallas Representative Toni Rose Fighting for Medicaid Extension for Women After Having a Baby

Dallas Representative in the Texas House, Toni Rose, promotes HB133 to expand Medicaid coverage for postpartum people for one year in the 2021 Texas Legislative session.

Unvaccinated Hospital Staff Sues Houston Methodist Over Covid-19 Vaccinations

Employees of Houston Methodist Hospital file a lawsuit over required Covid-19 vaccination saying the vaccine mandate violates the Nurenberg Code.

Meet the Bipartisan Dallas Fort Worth Representatives Pushing Bill for Air Conditioning in Texas Prisons

A bipartisan Democratic and Republican coalition of representatives from the Dallas Fort Worth area is fighting for prison reform. Their bill requiring Texas prisons to install air conditioning in all facilities is making its way through congress.