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Policies and Policing Didn’t Stem Opioid Abuse – Can Tech Be A Solution?

Medika Talks with Serial Health Tech Entrepreneur Jay Schiff About His Efforts to Unite Devices with Digital Health to Offer a New Pathway to Patient Care

America’s Health Care Delivery System is Dysfunctional – Here is Why

Anxiety and stress are often components associated with a physical symptom, and these can only be addressed with more time to carefully listen and respond with suggestions.

Florida’s Gov Vetoes Funding for Homeless LGBTQ Kids

Florida Governor Desantis vetoes funding for the Zebra Coalition who provides shelter for homeless LGBTQ teenagers.

Mass Murder Fired Up by Personal Loss or Something Else?

Mass shootings and murders in the US have led to research, new groups, and media outcries, but people are still being killed, and we still ask, "Why?"