Bills and Legislation




Consumerism in Healthcare

A new and developing force in medicine will add a new set of dramatic changes: the force of consumerism. No longer will you, as a patient, be willing to be “patient.”

We Know the Health Ecosystem is Fragmented, Resulting in Rising Costs and Poorer Patient Outcomes, But What Are We Doing About It?

As We Enter the “Post-Fragmentation” Period, Health System Kinetics Points Us Toward Solutions

The Anti-LGBTQ Arkansas Health Law is Dangerous for All of Us

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signs anti-LGBTQ legislation, the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act, SB 289, into law on March 26th.

America’s Health Care Delivery System is Dysfunctional – Here is Why

Anxiety and stress are often components associated with a physical symptom, and these can only be addressed with more time to carefully listen and respond with suggestions.