Startling Statistic: Growing Trend of Breast Cancer in Younger Females

There is a growing trend of breast cancer in younger females.

Long Telomeres and Long Life: Did We Get It Wrong? (Hint: Yes)

ARE LONG TELOMERES THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? Telomeres are structures made from DNA sequences and proteins at the ends of our chromosomes. Telomeres cap and...

Hockey Fan Spots Melanoma

NOT JUST ANOTHER NIGHT AT a hockey game. The Canucks faced off against my Seattle Kraken. Sitting behind the arena glass, a young woman spies...

Will I lose more weight through diet or exercise?

The United States continues to face a growing obesity epidemic. The number of people living with excess weight has tripled since 1975, standing at 39% of the American population. Carrying extra pounds is linked with lifelong illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.