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Study Reveals Staggering Toll of Being Black in America: 1.6M Excess Deaths Over 22 Years

Research has long shown that Black people live sicker lives and die younger than white people.

Staff Shortages. Baptist Health Highlights a Growing Issue in Healthcare

Baptist Health Systems in San Antonio is adopting a new strategy to attract healthcare workers. Upfront bonuses of up to 20K indicate the extent of a staffing issue healthcare faces

Policies and Policing Didn’t Stem Opioid Abuse – Can Tech Be A Solution?

Medika Talks with Serial Health Tech Entrepreneur Jay Schiff About His Efforts to Unite Devices with Digital Health to Offer a New Pathway to Patient Care

Why Won’t More Older Americans Get Their Covid Booster?

A central question for scientists championing boosters is why rates have stalled among people 65 and older.