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Twitter’s Decision to Stand-down on COVID Misinformation Highlights a New Symptom — “Trust Deregulation”

If Twitter and Elon Musk Fail and Fall, Who Will Celebrate? Twitter and COVID misinformation monitoring.

Another AFLDS Quack, Meet Dr. Peterson Pierre

I bumped into this individual on Twitter in a short video where he explains to the masses about the benefits of Ivermectin and Suramin...

An Ageing Population Underlines Need for New Strategies to Improve Uptake of Adult Pneumococcal Immunisation

The following article is based on expert discussions taken from the MSD Pneumococcal Vaccination Policy Roundtable that took place in Cape Town, South Africa...

Cutting-Edge Innovation Is Not Enough To Save Lives

Yesterday, my 97-year-old physician father-in-law died.  His longevity was the result of great medical advances during the past two decades, rigorous self-care, and vigilant...