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Focusing on Essential Change for the Next Pandemic and Beyond

It is critical we learn from Covid-19 and direct the lessons learned into better preparing for future pandemics. What change do we focus on?

Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver on the “Do No Harm” Pledge

Gil Bashe in conversation with the CEO of MedAware, Dr. Gidi Stein on Artificial Intelligence and how its use in the field of medicine can promote patient safety

Covid Vaccines Just Took a Major Step Toward Regaining Credibility

There will be no enforced Covid vaccinations across Europe and the US. You may not realize this, but the law prevents the enforced administration of EUA medicines

For the Sake of their Patients, Healthcare Must Embrace AI

Technology means we no longer need to be separated from our point of care. It can follow us everywhere, an ever-vigilant protector and guardian angel, and its applications are limitless