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Alternate Health

From Skinner’s Operant Conditioning to Artificial Intelligence’s Algorithms

Do you think artificial intelligence's foundation, evolution, and development owe much to cognitive neuroscience? If so, please reconsider your perspective, taking into account behavioral...



Mental Health

The Hormones That Get Too Little Attention and Bring Big Benefits

How many hormones or neurotransmitters do you know? Which are the ones you hear about most frequently? You're probably familiar with dopamine and serotonin....

General Health


Symptom Checker

If you have a few aches and pains that are worrying you, why not use Isabel to check your symptoms. She understands plain English and will help you out in seconds.

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The Strange Story of Heart and Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

NOBEL PRIZE WINNER FERID MURAD recently died at age 86. He showed that nitric oxide — an air pollutant — is central to blood vessel...

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