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Alternate Health


Interesting Findings Of Weekend Only Drinking

In their provocative recent report, researchers observe that “a significant amount of binge drinking among adults escapes public health scrutiny” because it occurs among people who drink at a moderate average level.


Why I Still Wear a Mask

Why I continue to wear a mask in crowded spaces even after Quebec repealed the mask mandate on public transit.

Mental Health

Medical Buddhism

The past week has been difficult for liberally-minded individuals in the United States. Through a series of Supreme Court rulings, citizens lost several fundamental rights.

General Health


Symptom Checker

If you have a few aches and pains that are worrying you, why not use Isabel to check your symptoms. She understands plain English and will help you out in seconds.

Sexual Health

Deceptive Fairy Tales and the Desperate Worshiping at the Altar of Beauty

Fairy tales begin to embed the belief in childhood that beauty is the primary goal of life, and we believe it to our detriment.

Women's Health

Men's Health

Which Women’s Health Conditions Affect Men?

It is a given that the genetic makeup of men and women differs tremendously. The variations majorly lie in genes, anatomy, and hormone levels....

Babies and Children

A Vignette of Life as a Pediatric Cancer Mom

A hugely moving insight into the life of a parent of a pediatric cancer victim. We always feel deeply for young patients, but the parents bear their own kind of trauma.