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Contact Lenses and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

MANY SOFT CONTACT LENSES CONTAIN COMPOUNDS associated with health problems, including autoimmune disorders, fertility problems, cancer, liver problems, and kidney disease. This article explores whether there is a connection between contact lenses and cancer.

How To Use a Controversial Supreme Court Ruling for Good

Given the recent 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis Supreme Court decision in favor of “discrimination in the name of expression,” businesses must harness their power to say no to servicing climate-destructive companies.

Bob Martineau on How Our Planet’s Wellness Impacts Our Own

Bob Martineau in conversation with Gil Bashe from Finn partners on the impact of the environment on our health and the importance of education and communicating

Is the Solution to Clean Drinking Water, Energy, and Oxygen Right Under our Noses?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on our planet and has the potential to offer us limitless energy, water and oxygen. Alternate Energy Sources must be