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The Power of Words

Harnessing Communications Across Disciplines to Heal Our Environment. The power of words must be translated into meaningful actions

Interactive Report Shows How Countries Prevent Global Epidemics by Stopping Infectious Diseases at the Start

Second Edition of ‘Epidemics That Didn’t Happen’ from Resolve to Save Lives Highlights Need for Continued Investment in Health Security

COVID Became a MedTech Proving Ground Pointing to Planetary Health Priorities

Medika Health Tech Hot Spot Travelogue – 1st Stop on the Global Ecohealth and Health Tech Tour - Tel Aviv! "Global State of Digital Health" is a travel guide to innovation.

How ESG is Changing the Pharmaceutical Industry

Some view the COVID-19 pandemic as a reputational turning point for pharma and an opportunity to solidify a more positive impact on society. Many pharmaceutical companies are furthering this goal by incorporating ESG into their operations.