Eco Policy and Opinion




Climate, Environment and the Future of Epidemics

How climate change and human activity are the tipping points for infectious diseases of epidemic proportions

Eating Plastic in Every Bite We Take and Never Knowing the Effect on Our Health

Microplastic has so infused our ecosystem and our bodies that it can be found in the deepest oceans as well as our organs and even our blood. Our internal environment is compromised and so is our heal

Monsanto, Roundup, and Glyphosate. Whose Side is Science on and Why it Matters to Us?

Science gets sidelined by lobbying groups, money and institutionalized politics. This directly impacts public health and the environment.

The Environment and Our Health. Medika’s Open Call for Articles from Stakeholders

Submit articles to Medika this August on the Environment and our health. EcoHealth Article submissions are now open. Finn Partners and Medika