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COVID Has Not Driven Away All Of My Empathy

I've always feared a loss of compassion, especially after the Covid scourge. A recent patient experience showed me otherwise, and I am eternally grateful.

12 Things Pharmacists Want You to Know

Trust us, the money we are making barely covers the cost of our education. Most of us work more than one job. There are easier ways to make money.

Hope Is A Word I No Longer Use With COVID Copy

An ICU doctor describes his emotional journey with the Coronavirus and its impact on both him and his patients over the pandemic. Hope and Covid

No, Mr. President, We Doctors Are Not Faking Covid Deaths

I have signed dozens of death certificates after patients died of Covid-19, and I have also signed death certificates of patients who did not have Covid. Never — not even once — did I think about putting down Covid-19 as a cause of death