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Proving Vaccine Safety Without Relying on Science

It's the hottest debate of the year. How safe is the Covid Vaccine? Should you get it? What are the risks? What's the point if you can still catch the coronavirus? Why bother if you still need to wear a mask? Will it make you sterile?

Rolling Nervous Breakdowns, Work and Health Consequences

The term is “rolling nervous breakdowns.” New in its entrance on the medical and office scene, it nevertheless presents serious consequences and is a direct result of the insecurity brought on by COVID-19

Call Your Wife; Then Fight Like Hell

How often do nurses and doctors have to watch their patients fight for life when a simple Covid vaccination could have saved them

Meet the Author: Dr Michael Burg

Ever wondered what motivates doctors to write? The answers may surprise you. Welcome to Medika's author interviews with some of our more prolific authors....