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Unvaccinated Hospital Staff Sues Houston Methodist Over Covid-19 Vaccinations

Employees of Houston Methodist Hospital file a lawsuit over required Covid-19 vaccination saying the vaccine mandate violates the Nurenberg Code.

Covid-19 Shaming; How The Blame Game Hurts Us All

Childhood Covid-19 infections create a conflict between the personal right to privacy vs. the public health need for disclosure. The infected children deserve privacy, but other children’s parents need to make immediate quarantine and testing decisions.

Of Sisyphus and COVID

There is character from Greek mythology named Sisyphus. This man was condemned to push a large boulder up a hill, only to have that...

Meet the Author: Dr Patricia Farrell, PhD

Ever wondered what motivates doctors to write? The answers may surprise you. Welcome to Medika's author interviews with some of our more prolific authors....