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Working in Healthcare During COVID-19? Tips for Reducing Burnout and Overwhelm

Healthcare professionals during the pandemic are in the most challenging and riskiest jobs in these times. Frontline workers provide essential services to help patients and clients remain healthy while trying to stay well themselves.

Meet the Author: Davina Tiwari, MSW RSW

Meet Davina Tiwari. Read her author interview on Medika Life and get to know this Medical Professional behind the articles.

What is it About Covid That Makes it Worse

I am scared of catching SARS CoV-2. I am deathly scared of getting Covid and then bringing it home to my family.

Our Family Got Vaccinated and Had a Long-Awaited Reunion: It Was Awesome

Our family got vaccinated and finally had a long-awaited reunion. It was so awesome. If this is not a reason to get vaccinated, I don't know what is.