Healthcare Workers Show Their Faith in the Covid Vaccine #vaccinechallenge


Doctors, Nurses, and other frontline healthcare workers can share their video vaccination links with us via DM on Twitter (@medikalife) or email them to We’ll add them as we receive them and we’ll keep this page up as a reminder of a turning point in the battle you’ve all been fighting so bravely. Feel free to add your name, area, and hospital details to the tweets or email. Medika will do the rest.

For those of you who want to submit photos instead of video, we’ve set up a separate page which you can find here

Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa proudly kicks us off below. Any other frontline healthcare staff out there want to share their vaccination videos? Send them in, we’ll add them to the page, let’s help rebuild trust in vaccines.

Our first doc and the inspiration for the #vaccinechallenge, Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa proudly shows off his freshly vaccinated arm.

Dr Jeff Livingston, one of Medika’s founders and an OBGYN in Texas ends a 36 hour shift in style by completing his #vaccinechallenge
Watch Dr. Peter Sakovich do his part for the #vaccinechallenge. Peter works out of Macarthur Medical center in Irving, Texas.
Watch Dr. Cara Norvell, an Emergency Medicine Physician with Baylor, Scott and White, do her #vaccinechallenge. No message needed here. The brilliant choice of T-shirt says it all.
Watch Dr Stacey Thomas‘s vaccination and she explains why she is so thrilled about the vaccine.
Watch Dr Ken Goldaber, who practices Perinatal and Fetal Medicine in Arlington, Texas receive his vaccination. You can learn more about Dr Goldaber here
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The #vaccinechallenge project is part of the global effort currently underway to help restore confidence in vaccines, in particular, the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer

Links to publications and accredited articles on this topic. None of the links are hosted on Medika and we are not resposible for the content.

CDC Pfizer Vaccine Page

The CDC's official page on everything related to the Pfizer Vaccine. Reliable and easily accessible data.

Pfizer US Distrubtion Info

An informative page from Pfizer's website released on 20 Dec, 2020, outlining delivery of the vaccine within the USA

CDC Vaccine Tracking System

Ensuring vaccines make it from delivery to their final destination without going astray is critical. The IZ gateway is how the CDC itneds to do this

USA Today

Fantastic article from USA Today highlighting just how all the data systems are going to do this vaccine tracking and routing, key to ensuring second doses.

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