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Ivermectin is NOT Hydroxychloroquine. Why is the FDA Ignoring a Potential Covid Treatment?

Ivermectin has shown promise as a potential treatment. It needs to be urgently evaluated under the guidance of the FDA

Covid Patients in India Warned About Scammers Selling Fake Medicines and Cures

Covid Patients in India are being sold fake medications, black market remdesivir and tocilizumab, by scammers. Here is how you can identify a scammer and stay safe.

How to Wee Away your UTI. New Research from Rutgers

Not all cranberry juices are created equally. Find out why PACS are so important to reducing your risk of UTI. New research from Rutgers

Todd Eury, Pharmacy Podcast Network

Todd Eury is pharmacy is Pharmacy Podcast Network. His network enables the pharmacy sector and provides them a voice.