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How to Wee Away your UTI. New Research from Rutgers

Not all cranberry juices are created equally. Find out why PACS are so important to reducing your risk of UTI. New research from Rutgers

A Mother’s Fight for Life and a Few More Weeks With Her Sons #tofersen4lisa

Lisa Stockman-Mauriello is dying from ALS, but a pharmaceutical company, Biogen, is trialing a new drug called Torfersen that may buy her a little extra time.

Does Pharma Need Independent DNA Oversight?

Our survival as a species could be placed in jeopardy if we don't begin to police treatments that place our DNA in harms way. Oversight is needed.

Up, Up, And Away: The Evolution of Speed

Amphetamine was synthesized from ephedrine by German scientists in 1887, and methamphetamine, also created by Nagayoshi, arrived in 1893. Pharmacologist Akira Ogata took methamphetamine one step further