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5 Labor Positions to Help Your Baby Come Out

One proven way to promote labor progress is to change positions frequently, as in every 20–30 minutes. Frequent position changes and movement during labor can

Preparing for: Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization

During a laparoscopic tubal ligation out-patient procedure, the fallopian tubes are tied, cut, or removed to permanently prevent pregnancy. Tubal surgery blocks the pathway between the uterus and ovaries preventing sperm from reaching the egg.

Why Your Breast Milk May Already Be Too Toxic For Your Child

Fifty samples of breast milk drawn from across the US all tested positive for PFQAS contamination, at levels 2000 times higher than those suggested safe by the EPA

Colostrum, Breastmilk’s Magical Ingredient and What it Contains

Colostrum is the magical ingredient in mothers breastmilk that provides a newborn with all sorts of protection and helps to boost immunity