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Benchmark KFF Survey: Annual Family Premiums for Employer Coverage Rise 7% to Nearly $24,000 in 2023

Amid Changing Abortion Laws, 1-in-10 Large Firms Say Their Largest Plan Doesn’t Cover Legally Provided Abortions Under Any Circumstances

Weight Management During Fertility Treatment: A Challenge But Not a Lost Cause

Since hormones affect weight, hormonal therapy to enhance ovulation (whether pills or the multiple shots that the in vitro fertilization process entails) often leads to weight gain.

The First 28 Days. Infant Mortality’s Dead Zone

The first month of life is the most vulnerable period for a babies survival. 2.4 million newborns died in 2020 in the first 28 days after birth.

8 Habits That Might Add Decades to Your Life

I AM MORE INTERESTED IN HEALTHSPAN than lifespan. I wouldn’t like to live too long with severe dementia. Today’s essay explores eight healthy habits that might add decades to your life.