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Gil Bashe, Medika Life Editor
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Health advocate connecting the dots to transform biopharma, digital health and healthcare innovation | Managing Partner, Chair Global Health FINN Partners | MM&M Top 50 Health Influencer | Top 10 Innovation Catalyst. Gil is Medika Life editor-in-chief and an author for the platform’s EcoHealth and Health Opinion and Policy sections. Gil also hosts the HealthcareNOW Radio show Healthunabashed, writes for Health Tech World, and is a member of the BeingWell team on Medium.
United States
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Health Communications Advocate; Former Airbone Combat Medic
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Fairleigh Dickinson University; Clark University
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Biopharma Decentralized Trials Digital Health Health Information Health Technology Patient Advocacy Pharmaceuticals Rare Disease Care
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Public health is now grappling with the most severe COVID threat: the “I don’t give a damn” variant.

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If Twitter and Elon Musk Fail and Fall, Who Will Celebrate? Twitter and COVID misinformation monitoring.

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Weapons of war, such as AR-15s, have no place in people’s home arsenals. Its bullet’s caliber rips its target apart – going in small and exiting like the size of a fist.

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The health ecosystem is complex and fragmented – embracing AI may be what medicine needs to transform.

4 weeks ago no Comment

Fixing one piece of the healthcare puzzle is encouraging – but is it transformational? Here are 10 things we can consider to make things better.

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Health Industry veteran Pouria Sanae, CEO of ixlayer, is Changing How Consumers Use Home-Based Diagnostic Tests to Make Patient-Physician Connections More Effective.

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The Global Wellness Summit Charts the $4.4 trillion sector that Impacts Longevity. Wellness – It’s No Longer Just Nuts, Granola, Spas and Yoga

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Three Deadly Dangers that Will Soon Catch Up to People and Planet

3 months ago no Comment

Medika Talks with Serial Health Tech Entrepreneur Jay Schiff About His Efforts to Unite Devices with Digital Health to Offer a New Pathway to Patient Care

5 months ago no Comment

Just days ago, Amazon announced it would purchase One Medical in an all-cash $3.9 billion deal.

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