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Health advocate connecting the dots to transform biopharma, digital health and healthcare innovation | Managing Partner, Global Health Finn Partners | MM&M Top 50 Health Influencer | Top 10 Innovation Catalyst. Gil is Medika Life editor-in-chief and an author for the platform’s EcoHealth and Health Opinion and Policy sections. Gil also hosts the HealthcareNOW Radio show Healthunabashed, writes for Health Tech World, and is a member of the BeingWell team on Medium.
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Health Communications Advocate; Former Airbone Combat Medic
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Fairleigh Dickinson University; Clark University
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Biopharma Decentralized Trials Digital Health Health Information Health Technology Patient Advocacy Pharmaceuticals Rare Disease Care
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From MSNBC to Fox News, outlets across the media spectrum are critiquing CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and her agency’s handling of communications around the COVID crisis. While CDC has masterfully mobilized to track variants and vaccine data, there is no doubt that communications is a key part of care with which it struggles mightily. Evaluating […]

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Almost two years ago, in March 2020, I published the post below on Medium. At that time, we were at the earliest stages of the then — “pandemic.” Much of the world had yet to move into protective “lock-down.” Since that time, we have ushed into the prevention and mitigation system COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Now, […]

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It’s that time of year — when our inboxes and social media feeds populate with words from the wise on the coming year’s trends. This is a different Top 10 List. It’s not about trends, predictions or market dynamics. Put aside for a moment gadgets, gizmos and got-to-have smart stuff. This is about the changes […]

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One casualty of the Theranos scandal is that the idea of convenient, more accessible, diagnostic blood tests. We need great, consumer-focused, diagnostic care that lead to definitive answers around patients’ risk of disease and the ability to stay on top of chronic conditions.

Alan Rosenbloom Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition
3 months ago no Comment

Long Term Care Pharmacies and retail Pharmacies differ distinctively in the services and levels of care the offer to patients. Understanding their roles

Healthcare Environmental Impact
3 months ago no Comment

The Healthcare industry produces two gigatons of carbon dioxide each year. Taking responsibility and action to address these emissions

Your Life Depends On It
3 months ago no Comment

Navigating healthcare systems in the US is daunting, for doctors and patients alike. A new book offers a roadmap to successfully securing health

The Hope of Future Generations Accessing Clean Drinking Water
5 months ago no Comment

Economic health, environmental health and public health are not only aligned, they are inextricably intertwined. Assessing the Build Back Better

Gidi Stein, MD, PhD, co-founder and CEO, MedAware;
5 months ago no Comment

Gil Bashe in conversation with the CEO of MedAware, Dr. Gidi Stein on Artificial Intelligence and how its use in the field of medicine can promote patient safety

Alex Markowitz
6 months ago no Comment

Alex Markowits is founder, president and CEO of Spring Hills, one of the nation’s most innovative centers of residential and home care.

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