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Health advocate connecting the dots to transform biopharma, digital health and healthcare innovation | Managing Partner, Chair Global Health FINN Partners | MM&M Top 50 Health Influencer | Top 10 Innovation Catalyst. Gil is Medika Life editor-in-chief and an author for the platform’s EcoHealth and Health Opinion and Policy sections. Gil also hosts the HealthcareNOW Radio show Healthunabashed, writes for Health Tech World, and is a member of the BeingWell team on Medium.
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Health Communications Advocate; Former Airbone Combat Medic
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Fairleigh Dickinson University; Clark University
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Biopharma Decentralized Trials Digital Health Health Information Health Technology Patient Advocacy Pharmaceuticals Rare Disease Care
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This is the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Sultan Yaacoub. It is also the 40th anniversary of my commitment to advocate for people in urgent need of healing.

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While medicine has become more advanced and specialized, it has also become increasingly fragmented. For people is hard-to-diagnose conditions, that’s another obstacle to care.

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HT World talks to the healthcare influencer who put everything on the line for patient advocacy on her mission to deliver change on many fronts.

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Move over chatbots! It’s time to recognize that the smartest person in the room may not be the robot, rather patient experience creating a new type of dialogue through conversational AI. Conversational AI is a cutting-edge form of artificial intelligence enabling consumers to interact with computer applications the way they would with other humans.

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If the concept of self-care were broadened to include devoting my energy to attend to all my needs, wants, thoughts and feelings, the either/or dilemma might recede.

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Fundraising gatherings are important opportunities to rally society, unite allies and sustain community. They also take time, and the need for speed calls for creativity in advancing science. 

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Amanda McClelland is the Senior Vice President of Prevent Epidemics at Resolve to Save Lives. As an expert in international public health management, Amanda coordinated frontline response during the 2014 Ebola epidemic, for which she received the 2015 Florence Nightingale Medal for exceptional courage. She earned her Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from James […]

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In the shadow of the great resignation, leaders are now waking up to the long-standing reality that talented people serve as “paid volunteers,” and the paycheck alone doesn’t hold them to the job as it did in previous generations.  Leaders must recognize that the best talent knows it can go anywhere. Purpose and a sense […]

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Sometimes, our desire for urgency cannot be matched by our knowledge about disease pathway or origin. In the Cold War era, the threat of mutually assured destruction was real as the United States and Soviet Union stared each other down, each with a finger on the red button that might launch their atomic arsenals. Though […]

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For centuries, scientists have pursued treatments and cures for pressing and frightening illnesses. Throughout that time, we have called upon shamans and mystics, spiritual healers, pharmacists, physicians and scientists to conjure herbs, vitamins and supplements — chemicals and biologics. Relying on intellect and knowledge, we embrace science and molecules that can be patented, tested, peer-reviewed […]

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