Anxiety and Depression




Anxiety Disorders, Recognizing the Symptoms

People with anxiety disorders respond to certain objects or situations with fear and dread. They have physical reactions to those objects, such as a rapid heartbeat and sweating.

Why Didn’t a Review Examine Whether Brief Interventions to Prevent Suicide Actually Reduced Deaths?

Every death by suicide, every effort at serious self-harm is a tragedy and a loss, not only for a person but for a circle of people for whom that person’s life has meaning.

America Is Bursting at the Seams with Deadly Stress

Stress is both a poison and a stealthy robber of our bodies and our souls. It works in nefarious ways to undermine every bit of us, both physical and mental, without noticing it’s there.

Cabin Fever Ravages Us as It Makes Itself Known Again Everywhere

The virus and its variants now swirling around the globe have apparent symptoms both visible and hidden, and it may be the hidden ones that pose the...