Anxiety and Depression




Suicide and Self-Harm Enablers Are Out There Now

As in other psychiatric hospitals, there are always those patients who are willing to share any number of ways to commit self-harm or suicide.

Better Care is Needed for Postpartum Depression

One in seven women suffers from postpartum depression. I had been treating it throughout my career. I caught the easy cases. I helped them, and they got better.

Is It Stress or Anxiety That’s Contagious?

The dynamic pairing of stress and anxiety does require management. If prolonged stress is not managed, physical health may be the deadly target and psychological and physical illness results.

Why Didn’t a Review Examine Whether Brief Interventions to Prevent Suicide Actually Reduced Deaths?

Every death by suicide, every effort at serious self-harm is a tragedy and a loss, not only for a person but for a circle of people for whom that person’s life has meaning.