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Chatbots Are Coming for MH, and There Are Many Sides to This New Therapy Tool

Chatbots may appear to address the dearth of mental health services in rural areas or for those with limited income, but with this digital advance come untold, possibly unrealized, difficulties and even dangers.

Finding Cancer: Ants Versus Dogs

DO YOU KNOW THE FILM ALIEN VERSUS PREDATORS? Today, I want to put ants up against dogs, at least for detecting cancer in humans. We explore...

The CBD Oil Scam- A Con That Relies on Confusing Correlation with Causation

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds called cannabinoids that is isolated from cannabis (marijuana). Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals of which, at least 120 are cannabinoids

Why It Benefits You to Be Grateful

The scientific advantages of gratitude, explained by an expert who outlines the mental and medical health benefits.