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Trials Validate Cognition Improvement Using PrimeMyBody Hemp Extract

Clinical brain mapping screenings of former NFL players who suffer from cognitive deficits provide supportive data that PrimeMyBody's FOCUS Mind & Body Hemp Extract improved brain performance for 80 percent of screening participants

Untangling the False Binary of “Medical vs. Mind-Body”

One of the common stumbling blocks that can come up on the path of chronic pain recovery is confusion about whether or not a mind-body approach is right for you.

Five Billion People Unprotected from Trans Fat Leading to Heart Disease

Five billion people globally remain unprotected from harmful trans fat, a new status report from WHO has found, increasing their risk of heart disease...

Strength Training and Sleep

WHICH HELPS WITH SLEEP? STRENGTH TRAINING or aerobic activity? You probably know that aerobic activities promote good sleep, but you may be surprised to hear...