ROTTEN RETAILERS: Quackery Websites Selling Harmful Health Products

Most of the individuals we list on our Quack Scale make money out of selling snake oil. Products created or re-labeled by quacks and so-called lifestyle or health gurus claiming they can cure your diseases and conditions. They make false claims about the properties of these products and then associate health benefits to these claims. Health benefits the products cannot ever deliver, not in a month of Sundays. To combat the sale of their products, we’ve created the Rotten Retailers list with a rotten apple ranking system.

You can help us root out these charlatans by contributing the names of products and retailers to our MOBILIZE™ ROTTEN RETAILERS LIST. Drop us an email at or alternatively register a free account and leave a comment below. You can also share our lists on Social Media to warn others as these businesses will use closed support groups on platforms like Facebook to sell their poisonous brand of “health” to desperate, ill people.

The retailers prey on your fears, scaring you with one tale and then selling you a fairy tale cure for the fear in the next tale. It’s classic marketing and they use your desperation as a tool to enforce belief. It’s a reprehensible practice and while the FDA and DOJ play catch up with the digital age, responsibility rests with legitimate health and medical websites to highlight these fraudsters and to make their places of business known.

The MOBILIZE™ Rotten Retailers list highlights the names and web addresses of businesses that sell fake health and label it a health food, dietary supplements, or even medical elixirs in some instances. Here’s the list we use to identify these products and even if the retailer is only selling one of these items, by association we view that as sufficient reason to list them, as, in our opinion, they are not exercising due care in the products they sell to their customers or are intentionally misleading you for profit.

If a website appears on the list, rest assured their real motives for sales are purely profit-based and they have no regard for your health or wellbeing. If they did, they wouldn’t be selling you snake oil.

How websites and retailers qualify for inclusion

  • Sales of books, videos, and any other written or recorded items that promote medical disinformation, conspiracy theories, and blatant lies and have no foundation in real medicine, health, or proven wellbeing that is underwritten by scie3nce or reputable clinical trials and studies. If a quack is involved, the materials are automatically disqualified.
  • Products, pills, tablets, lotions, liquids, and others that make outrageous claims about offering cures for diseases and related health conditions. For instance, MMS which claimed to cure aids/HIV, autism, diabetes, and Covid-19 and which, despite now being banned in the US as a dangerous substance, is still being sold on the black market.
  • Any sales of any products manufactured or authored by individuals we have earmarked as quacks on our Quack Scale.
  • Any retailer that currently is under warning by the FDA for selling dangerous health-related products that make unsubstantiated claims.

How we allocate Rotten Apples


This retailer sells a mixed bag of products. Some are of value, for instance normal vitamins and supplemental dietary products, but others are manufactured by known quacks and charlatans with existing or satisfied FDA Warning notices. The website has clear contact details displayed. Consumers are warned to avoid products sold with unreasonable claims and exercise caution when dealing with this retailer.


This website predominantly sells suspect products that will either seriously affect your health or simply waste your money as the products do not do what the seller claims on the site. These are harmful ad potentially dangerous products that can seriously compromise your health or the health of a loved one. Despite contact details being available on the site, we strongly urge consumers to avoid this retailer’s site. There may also be current or expired FDA warnings attached to many of the products sold by this retialer.

In Medika’s opinion this retailer should immediately be closed as the products they sell are dangerous and the claims made by the retailer are unproven and designed to mislead for the purposes of selling snake oil. There are no miracle cures, but this site will present medical looking articles and even use legitimate studies to promote their products. Often these retailers manufacture much of what they sell and they are intentionally obtuse with regard to providing contact details.

Purchasing anything from these sites will simply be a waste of money and pose a significant risk to your health. Americans die from products purchased on sites like these. Is believing in a scammer worth your life?


The information contained in the article above was created by Medika for its MOBILIZE™ Health platform. The content is written for the medical profession and should not be interpreted as medical advice. All comments published below are provided by medical professionals or registered members of the Medika platform. Opinions expressed by these individuals should not be construed as the views of Medika or our partner companies.






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