Video of Jordon Walker, Supposed Pfizer Researcher, Goes Viral

[Authors note: An important update validating this video appears in the footer. We are updating this article as there are new updates. Read through from top to bottom to have an up-to-date understanding.]

A video has appeared on Twitter in the last few hours, recorded by Project Veritas. The video purports to show a Pfizer Director, who would appear intoxicated, discussing enhancing the Covid virus with a view to developing future vaccines and directed evolution. The video in question is shown below. Before you view this, a warning.

I questioned the video, particularly the employment status of the individual claiming to be Jordon Walker, MD. The evidence offered by Project Veritas for Jordon Walker’s Pfizer credentials comes directly from James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, and was accompanied by the following text. According to O’Keefe;

“We’ve obtained internal Pfizer docs verifying Jordan Walker as Pfizer Director, Research & Development Strategic Operations. Graduated Yale 2013, Doctor Med at U of Texas Southwestern medical school. His supervisor reports to Mikael Dolsten who reports to Albert Bourla, CEO.”

Image Source: Project Veritas
Image Source: Project Veritas
Image Source: Project Veritas

The text and images left me far from convinced and I pursued the matter further. There is no image of Jordon Walker to be found online (in itself strange, given his past and medical position) and aside from published research during his years at the University of Texas Southwestern and his internship at Tufts Medical Center, no other footprint can be found for the doctor. Here is a link to his Doximity page (includes the research links) and his current medical license from New York State is shown below.

There is a notable lack of social media for the good doctor, in particular his LinkedIn account which was created and never used, highly unusual for a person in his position. By contrast, a “colleague”, Senior Director Allison Blum who Walker would supposedly report directly to (if he is in fact employed at all by Pfizer), has a typical LinkedIn page that looks like this. I have reached out to Ms. Blum to see if she can in fact validate Walker’s employment in her division and will update the piece, if and when she replies.

Two things are immediately apparent. Jordon Walker is either the most reclusive employee ever employed by Pfizer or he actually doesn’t work there. The other option, of course, is that his data is being meticulously scrubbed as you read this. If he does in fact work for Pfizer, then the content of the video is incredibly concerning and the level of individual employed by Pfizer to address treatments that impact our genome is even more shocking.

Until further evidence presents itself, I would recommend not amplifying this until his position is in fact validated.

Here then the video, as it appeared on Twitter

I will update this article as new information becomes available and I would caution people from placing to much faith in this until such time as conclusive evidence is provided for this gentleman’s actual place of employment and if he is, in fact, Jordon Walker, MD.

You can read Pfizer’s response here

Update: 01/26/23

In the course of trying to find a connection between Walker and Pfizer, searches on Yahoo turned this up. The page it leads to on LinkedIn has been deleted. The identical result shows on both Yahoo and DuckDuckGo but has been removed from Google, indicating some form of scrub.

A twitter user just linked us to the fantastic Brian O’Shea who specializes in tracking individuals and he has written a fantastically detailed article that would indicate beyond doubt that Jordon Walker is in fact (although probably no longer) in the employ of Pfizer. Great piece of investigative journalism which you can find here. The image below is from his article.

Courtesy of Brian O’Shea

In response to this, congratulations are due to Project Veritas for an exceptionally revealing piece of journalism and I would now freely encourage you to share both Brian’s article above as proof of the video and the Veritas piece itself. Thanks to Annette Gartland for bringing the article to my attention.

Update: 01/27/23

I’ve just seen the follow up video of Jordon Walker being pursued by James O’Keefe, a day after the events that transpired on the video above. Walker was lured out on the pretense of a date, and states on the video below that he was trying to impress the person he met. This effectively invalidates any of the claims made on the video, offering Pfizer an out, which I have no doubt they will pursue.

We need to get the truth out, but in doing so, we need to preserve our values of decency. There are ways to achieve this without stooping to these levels, reminiscent of the paparazzi pursing a celebrity. Medika believes in honest reporting with verifiable sources and information that is not obtained under false pretenses. We stoop to their level and all is lost.


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Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert is a Founder of Medika Life. He is a published author and owner of MedKoin Healthcare Solutions. He lives between the Philippines and the UK. and is an outspoken advocate for human rights. Access to basic healthcare and eradicating racial and gender bias in medicine are key motivators behind the Medika website and reflect Robert's passion for accessible medical care globally.
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