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Juicy Dilemma: Unveiling the Hidden Weight Impact of 100% Fruit Juices

Juice has essential vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenols, which are good for a healthy diet. However, there’s a worry that the juice’s high sugar and energy content might lead to weight gain.




Exercise Emerges as Key Player in Long COVID Recovery: Game-Changing Findings

Long COVID, a perplexing phenomenon characterized by the persistence of symptoms for weeks, months, or even years after recovering from COVID-19, continues to baffle medical professionals and researchers.

Symptom Checker

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Mothers of Color Can’t See if Providers Have a History of Mistreatment. Why Not?

When Selam Solomon Caldwell and her husband learned she was pregnant last year, the stakes for finding the right OB-GYN felt high. Caldwell, a...


skin conditions

Questions About FDA Protection From Dangerous Beauty Products

Looking good and feeling healthy are two things most of us would agree we want, and we should act to ensure both, but are we safe from unmonitored products?