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Michael Hunter, MD
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I received an undergraduate degree from Harvard, a medical degree from Yale, and trained in radiation oncology at the University of Pennsylvania. I practice radiation oncology in the Seattle area.
United States
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Plastics – they permeate the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil beneath our feet and have emerged as an omnipresent concern.

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Long COVID, a perplexing phenomenon characterized by the persistence of symptoms for weeks, months, or even years after recovering from COVID-19, continues to baffle medical professionals and researchers.

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THERE IS NOT STRONG EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT CUTTING DOWN (or completely stopping) alcohol intake will significantly reduce the risk of most cancers. Yes, I, too, am surprised. There is a side note, however: Reducing or quitting alcohol does lower oral cancer risk. In this essay, I will offer the findings of the International Agency for Research on […]

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Juice has essential vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenols, which are good for a healthy diet.

However, there’s a worry that the juice’s high sugar and energy content might lead to weight gain.

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Dr. Michael Hunter explores Joni Mitchell’s shocking health revelation: her battle with Morgellon disease.

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There is a growing trend of breast cancer in younger females.

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) IS ALREADY ENCROACHING in many medical specialties and may render some obsolete. This issue arose when my hospital’s radiology medical director explained that she had challenges recruiting young radiologists. And a central culprit? Artificial intelligence (AI) and convoluted neural networks. Machine learning approaches are targeting image-intensive specialties, including: Specialties such as emergency medicine, […]

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ONE OF THE HOTTEST CELEBRITY TRENDS is not an Hermes handbag or some other crazy expensive accessory. Stars are flocking to whole-body MRI scans through a company called Prenuvo. Master influencer Kim Kardashian donning hospital garb before a powerful magnetic resonance imaging machine? Check. Actress and television host Maria Menounos had unexplained pain for months. Maria decided to get a […]

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NEW RESEARCH SUGGESTS IT TAKES LESS THAN 2 HOURS of exercise per week to boost your mood and reduce depression symptoms.

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Did you know that the normal body temperature is not 98.6°F?

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