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Football Player Hamlin’s On-field Collapse Reminds Me to Know CPR

THE ON-FIELD COLLAPSE AND CARDIAC ARREST of National Football League (NFL) safety Damar Hamlin after a tackle on “Monday Night Football.” The football player Hamlin’s on-field collapse reminds me to know CPR.

Dying Broke: A New Jointly Reported Series on America’s Long-Term Care Crisis from KFF Health News and The New York Times 

Series examines the ways in which the financial and emotional toll of providing and paying for long-term care are wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of Americans.

Can We Reach Consensus on How to Address Gun Violence?

It was shocking to me that the primary cause of death in children in our country - gun violence - has relatively little funding for research.

Healthcare and Medical Care Are Not the Same – The Difference is Very Important

This is the 9th article in a series on America’s dysfunctional healthcare system