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How To Be An Ethical Science Writer

Prefer to watch this article? Watch it here. Science journalism paints a rosy picture of the advances of medical research. A quick look at the “Health and...

Physically Fit? My 4 Fitness Pillars

YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THE NUMEROUS health benefits of physical activity. But what does it mean to be physically fit? Here is one definition: Physical fitness is...

The Best Diet Move I’ve Made

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR: THE “DIRTY DOZEN” fruits and vegetables proclamation. Let’s look at this annual (and controversial) ranking of non-organic fruits and vegetables...

Achieve Life Sciences Announces Statistically Significant Smoking Cessation Results in Phase 3 ORCA-2 Clinical Trial of Cytisinicline in Adult Smokers

Clinical results in primary and secondary endpoints for 6- and 12-week experimental smoking cessation treatment reported by company sponsor.