Hospice Care on a Personal Level in My Family

The concept of hospice dates back several centuries and involves caring for sick travelers, strangers on their journeys to the Holy Land. The practice now shows an unsavory side fueled by greed and profit making.

Chronic Pain Is Not Your Fault. Read That Again.

Blaming ourselves for having chronic pain is a very common roadblock to healing.

If You Don’t Want Chronic Pain, Focus on What You DO Want.

The life I live today is not perfectly pain-free, happy, or balanced 100% of the time. Instead, it’s something so much more fulfilling and rewarding to me than a life centered around being “pain-free.”

If You Don’t Set Boundaries, a Symptom Flare-Up Might Step In and Do It For You

If we are conditioned to always say “yes,” we may find ourselves in conflict with our body when it says “no.”⁠ ⁠