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Groundbreaking Study Reveals Single LSD Dose Offers Instant and Sustained Anxiety Relief

After yielding promising results in a clinical trial, an LSD formulation aimed at treating generalized anxiety disorder has been awarded Breakthrough Therapy status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Interesting Findings Of Weekend Only Drinking

In their provocative recent report, researchers observe that “a significant amount of binge drinking among adults escapes public health scrutiny” because it occurs among people who drink at a moderate average level.

The Benefits in Dignity, Savings, and Health of Aging in Place

Nursing homes and residential care facilities are undergoing a sea change as the many benefits of aging in place are seen, and people are beginning to refuse to leave their homes.

Patient/Therapist Confidentiality Has Its Limits. What Are They?

Once someone enters psychotherapy, they expect that whatever they say during a session will be protected by confidentiality, but this is not always the case.