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Ohio Sneaks LGBTQ Discrimination Law Into Budget Bill

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed an LGTBQ discrimination bill into law allowing medical providers and insurance companies to refuse to treat patients based on moral objections.

Forget the G Spot — Here’s the C Spot

YOU MAY HAVE HEARD ABOUT THE G SPOT, an area inside a woman’s vagina that purportedly is associated with extraordinary sexual pleasure. But let’s put...

Florida’s Gov Vetoes Funding for Homeless LGBTQ Kids

Florida Governor Desantis vetoes funding for the Zebra Coalition who provides shelter for homeless LGBTQ teenagers.

Who Knew? Having Less Sex Linked to Earlier Menopause

The findings of our study suggest that if a woman is not having sex, and there is no chance of pregnancy, then the body ‘chooses’ not to invest in ovulation, as it would be pointless