Autoimmune Conditions




CAR T Therapy: From Cancer To Autoimmune Disease, The Lupus Example

Here we draw attention to promising findings for CAR T lupus treatment. The foundations of CAR T, as well as applications for B cell cancers and multiple myeloma, can be found in earlier works in the series.

How Do We Americans Stack up Healthwise? Very Poorly!

Despite all, we spend on healthcare (over 4 trillion dollars or nearly 20% of GDP,) we are not a healthy population. So, how unhealthy are we? Very!

Celine Dion Has Stiff Person Syndrome. What You Need to Know

SUPERSTAR SINGER CELINE DION recently announced that he is postponing her European tour, given her development of a rare neurological condition. She has stiff-person syndrome, a rare condition that causes progressive muscle stiffness and spasms.

When Immunity Goes Rogue

Do you have an autoimmune condition? There are some steps you can take to fight back.