Autoimmune Conditions




One Pill and Done for Covid is a Serious Concern

The Covid-19 pandemic has already killed over 800K Americans and countless, perhaps, millions worldwide. It has disrupted people’s lives in every conceivable way from the economy,...

The New COVID Variant — A Striking Symptom You Should Know About

XBB.1.16 (ARCTURUS) IS ON THE RISE WORLDWIDE. The new variant is highly contagious. Today we look at the new COVID variant and one striking symptom you should know about. First, a quick look at Shakespeare’s take on pandemics.

HIMSS – Global Meeting Ground for Health Info Innovators to Secure Partnerships and Advance Care

10 Israeli Innovators Head Toward Orlando with New Approaches to Hospital Efficiency and Improved Patient Care - Showing Engineering Marvel and AI Potential

Looking for Zebras: Medical Mysteries and Transformational Patient Moments

While medicine has become more advanced and specialized, it has also become increasingly fragmented. For people is hard-to-diagnose conditions, that's another obstacle to care.