Autoimmune Conditions




Long COVID-19: What Doctors Want You to Know

Approximately 15 percent of those with a COVID-19 infection will develop long COVID. Long COVID is prevalent and more common among females and older individuals.

Two Simple Ways to Lower Your Risk of Dying in the Hospital

Hospital-acquired pneumonia is not uncommon. Toothbrushing and mobilizing patients can dramatically lower the risk.

Why I Still Wear a Mask

Why I continue to wear a mask in crowded spaces even after Quebec repealed the mask mandate on public transit.

Celine Dion Has Stiff Person Syndrome. What You Need to Know

SUPERSTAR SINGER CELINE DION recently announced that he is postponing her European tour, given her development of a rare neurological condition. She has stiff-person syndrome, a rare condition that causes progressive muscle stiffness and spasms.