Autoimmune Conditions




Sudden Death, “Purebloods,” Myocarditis and more

Have we done a peer-review clinical review of COVID-related morbidity/mortality alongside people vaccinated who had serious side effects? Should we?

CDC Members Prove to Themselves the Pandemic Isn’t Over

Healthcare facilities are being told that the need for masks will soon be lifted and the pandemic will be seen as finished, but that’s questionable.

Long COVID-19: What Doctors Want You to Know

Approximately 15 percent of those with a COVID-19 infection will develop long COVID. Long COVID is prevalent and more common among females and older individuals.

CRISPR Technology To Simplify And Enhance CAR T Cancer Treatment

This is a series on the advances in CAR T, a remarkable immunotherapy treatment dubbed a “living drug.” This new therapy genetically modifies a patient’s cells to fight cancer, but current research efforts hope to treat autoimmune diseases, organ damage and more.