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Dr. John Whyte is a practicing physician and corporate executive with a unique combination of government and private sector work that provides him with an exceptional perspective on wellness, clinical trials, information technology, innovation, and health care services. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer, WebMD.
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Hahnemann University School of Medicine
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Science, Public Health Patient Information, National Media Spokesperson, Medical Education Expert
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1 year ago no Comment

Family history. High blood pressure. High cholesterol. Excess weight. These are the risk factors for heart disease that your doctor typically talks to you about.  Yet, there is a risk factor that most doctors never discuss that can have as much impact as the ones I just listed — Depression. Your mood plays a significant […]

2 years ago no Comment

“You need to lose weight.”   Doctors say that to patients every day.  What they don’t do is tell patients how to do it.  That’s because most doctors don’t know what to tell patients – our expertise in nutrition is severely limited.  Our knowledge of exercise science is basically non-existent.  Many of my physician colleague bemoan […]

3 years ago no Comment

Most of us have gained weight during the pandemic.  Afterall, we’ve been sitting all day doing zoom calls and eating more chips than ever before!  Extra calories consumed and less calories burned is a sure way to gain weight.  But does excess weight really matter?  Can you be overweight but also be fit? It’s a […]

3 years ago no Comment

Like most tech lovers, I’m excited about the upcoming CES conference.  I won’t be attending in person but will be watching it very closely from a virtual platform. As a physician, I am particularly interested in health tech and how it can improve patient outcomes – both individual patients as well as populations of patients. […]

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