The Mechanics of Vaping and Its Medical Impact on Your Health

How safe is vaping? What medical literature exists to support claims of safety or the contrary? Medika examines the lucrative industry.

As Opioids Mixed With Animal Tranquilizers Arrive in Kensington, So Do Alarming Health Challenges

The neighborhood’s afflictions date to the early 1970s, when industry left and the drug trade took hold. With each new wave of drugs, the situation grows grimmer. Now, with the arrival of xylazine, a veterinary tranquilizer, new complications are burdening an already overtaxed system.

How To Respond To A Family Member Steeped In Addiction

A personal tale of two choices, and when the hardest decision is the honorable one.

Interesting Findings Of Weekend Only Drinking

In their provocative recent report, researchers observe that “a significant amount of binge drinking among adults escapes public health scrutiny” because it occurs among people who drink at a moderate average level.