Time for Health Industry to Deliver Value-Based Equitable Care

Our health system extends into every aspect of our lives in ways that we never considered before. Value based, equitable healthcare is desperately

It’s Time to Apply COVID-Scale Urgency to Noncommunicable Diseases

88 million American adults (1 in 3) have prediabetes, 60% of adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease and 40% have more than one chronic disease.

Getting the Story Straight on PCR…

Reiner Fuellmich has been spreading misinformation about the coronavirus based on his gross misinterpretation of the PCR Test. A scientist sets him straight

Qure4u Wins 2020 athenahealth Marketplace Award

Qure4u's holistic patient engagement platform and contactless "digital front door" offers patients and providers a scalable, EHR-embedded platform that supports the entire care journey.