Type 2 Diabetes




Understanding Men’s Risks for Type 2 Diabetes

Did you know that type 2 diabetes affects men and women differently? Diabetes can cause complications like neuropathy and vision problems in both sexes. However, men can also experience specific urological and sexual health issues as a result of diabetes.

Obesity and Exercise Have Opposite Effects on Muscle and Fat

A NEW STUDY SHEDS LIGHT ON THE PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSE TO EXERCISE. Physical activity is an important tool for maintaining or restoring good health.

Five Billion People Unprotected from Trans Fat Leading to Heart Disease

Five billion people globally remain unprotected from harmful trans fat, a new status report from WHO has found, increasing their risk of heart disease...

How Do We Americans Stack up Healthwise? Very Poorly!

Despite all, we spend on healthcare (over 4 trillion dollars or nearly 20% of GDP,) we are not a healthy population. So, how unhealthy are we? Very!