Type 2 Diabetes




CDC Lost Round One – But the Public Health Match Continues

Public health is now grappling with the most severe COVID threat: the “I don’t give a damn” variant.

The Road to Dementia May Be Paved With Processed Food

Lifestyles that leave little room for home cooking, quick eating on the go for work, and tight budgets often result in eating highly processed foods, which is a problem for your mind.

Takeaway and Delivery Meals Make You Fat, Start Cooking Your Own Food

In this global era, people want something faster and more straightforward. Many people prefer takeaway or using food delivery services to save time.

The Power of Lifestyle Choices – The Dose of Truth in “Heal Thyself”

“You need to lose weight.”   Doctors say that to patients every day.  What they don’t do is tell patients how to do it.  That’s...