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Raine Jodson is a healthcare and technology writer who uses her work to help educate individuals. Her goal is to spread awareness on topics people may not know but need to care about. When she isn’t working, she likes to watch Jeopardy with her family.
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Did you know that type 2 diabetes affects men and women differently? Diabetes can cause complications like neuropathy and vision problems in both sexes. However, men can also experience specific urological and sexual health issues as a result of diabetes.

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With the country rapidly growing more diverse, it’s important that we not only ensure treatment for minority patients of different genders, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.

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Houston Methodist Hospital President Dr. Marc Boom explains that medical workers are overburdened because of the high numbers of infected patients admitted to hospitals and the increasing number of infected staff in isolation. Although health interventions are able to control the transmission of the virus, hospital presidents are pointing out that medical frontliners are getting more exhausted […]

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