Ethics in Practice




“Investigational” Is Payer Code for “Coverage Denied”

Outside the pandemic, “investigational” remains payer code for denying reimbursement. In the case of treatment for chronic conditions, even FDA-approved digital-health and connected devices languish on waitlists for formulary inclusion.

Why Some Californian Healthcare Workers Are Refusing the Covid Vaccine

The covid vaccine is a personal choice. It always was and always will be. That doctor or nurse who has refused the vaccine because of personal concerns is fully within their rights to do so.

Houston Methodist Hospital Suspends Staff Who Refuse to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine

The Houston Methodist Hospital System announced the suspension of 178 staff members for failing to start the Covid-19 vaccine series. Over 99% of the hospital staff...

Blaming the Psychiatric Patient When It’s a Drug-Genetic Interaction

How can patients with psychiatric or any other illnesses be viewed as non-compliant with their medical regimes when there is a persistent failure to investigate how their race and genetics are affecting treatment