Ethics in Practice




Healthcare Chart Notes Set the Stage for Dangerously Skewed Negative Patient Profiles

Careless use of biased language in Healthcare Chart notes gives life to skewed beliefs about patients and the state of their mental and physical health.

New National Survey of People Living with Bipolar I Disorder Provides Insights Into Disease-Related Challenges and the Treatment Journey

Respondents Reported Physical and Psychosocial Impacts of Living with Bipolar I Disorder and Side Effects of Medications Used to Treat the Disease More Than...

Vaccine Patents Come with Ethical Dilemmas Bringing Life or Death

Patents are essential in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure commercial viability and financial returns but how do they effect public access to vaccines in a pandemic?

America’s Frontline Doctors Want to Become the New Republic’s NIH

America's Frontline Doctors want you to call them now so they can prescribe dangerous medications based on a brief telehealth call, all for only $90