Ethics in Practice




Record Numbers of Californians Die From COVID-19, Surgeon General Promotes Yoga and Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences

When evidence faces off against the power of celebrity status and charisma, the evidence is left lying face down in the street. That becomes particularly important to take into account during a pandemic in which people are dying from misinformation.

Up to 35 Million People May Already Have Had Adverse Vaccine Reactions

Adverse reactions or side effects to the Covid vaccine have left millions affected with no clear path to medical assistance. Who accepts the responsibility?

If You’re Unvaccinated for Covid Can Your Doctor Refuse to Treat You?

Are doctors legally and ethically obliged to provide unvaccinated Covid patients with care or can they choose to refuse treatment

Vaccine Patents Come with Ethical Dilemmas Bringing Life or Death

Patents are essential in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure commercial viability and financial returns but how do they effect public access to vaccines in a pandemic?