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Jeff is Co-Founder of Medika Life. He is a Board Certified Obgyn and CEO of MacArthur Medical Center in Irving, Texas. He is a nationally recognized thought leader, speaker, writer, blogger, and practicing physician who is considered an expert in the use of social media to educate patients, using new and innovative technology to improve care outcomes and the patient experience.
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University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
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Obstetrics and Gynecology, Patient Care
MacArthur Medical Center
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MacArthur Medical Center is a multispeciality group in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We provide services in OBGyn, Pediatrics and Family Medicine. Our core values are compassion, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and excellence.
3501 N Macarthur Blvd, Sta 500,Irving, Texas,
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Dr Jeff Livingston
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Houston Medical
3 days ago no Comment

The Houston Methodist Hospital System announced the suspension of 178 staff members for failing to start the Covid-19 vaccine series. Over 99% of the hospital staff has begun or completed their vaccines, but the holdouts now find themselves suspended for the next 14 days without pay. Back in March, Houston Methodist Chief Executive Officer Dr. Marc Boom […]

5 days ago no Comment

Florida Governor Desantis vetoes funding for the Zebra Coalition who provides shelter for homeless LGBTQ teenagers.

A New drug for Alzheimer's offers hope
5 days ago no Comment

The FDA approves Aduhelm for the treatment of early Alzheimer’s disease. Aduhelm targets brain plaque formation to slow the rate of cognitive decline.

Texas flag on flagpole textile cloth fabric waving on the top with sunse
2 weeks ago no Comment

Texas HB 357 bill to require air conditioning and climate control in Texas prisons failed to get a vote in the 2021 Legislative session despite bipartisan support.

Gynecologist examining a patient at clinic, health care concept
2 weeks ago no Comment

Regular pap smears for cervical cancer prevention save lives by detecting HPV and precancerous cells called cervical dysplasia long before cancer develops.

2 weeks ago no Comment

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia. Here are the causes and the treatments.

2 weeks ago no Comment

A diagnosis of HIV does not mean you can’t have children. But you can pass HIV to your baby during the pregnancy, while in labor, while giving birth, or by breastfeeding

2 weeks ago no Comment

Employees of Houston Methodist Hospital file a lawsuit over required Covid-19 vaccination saying the vaccine mandate violates the Nurenberg Code.

2 weeks ago no Comment

Accurate and reliable information is the key to understanding and preventing HIV and AIDS. Myths can be harmful. Getting the facts about HIV and AIDS can lead to better health and better living with HIV.

2 weeks ago no Comment

Dallas Representative in the Texas House, Toni Rose, promotes HB133 to expand Medicaid coverage for postpartum people for one year in the 2021 Texas Legislative session.

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