Long Haul Covid




CDC Lost Round One – But the Public Health Match Continues

Public health is now grappling with the most severe COVID threat: the “I don’t give a damn” variant.

Diabetes Is Increased After Mild Covid-19

Long Covid after “mild” infection is common, can be devastating and can last for a long time. Among the Long Covid syndromes are intense fatigue, brain...

Twitter’s Decision to Stand-down on COVID Misinformation Highlights a New Symptom — “Trust Deregulation”

If Twitter and Elon Musk Fail and Fall, Who Will Celebrate? Twitter and COVID misinformation monitoring.

Restoring Credibility. Can We Ever Trust Healthcare Again?

If you wanted the perfect illustration of how to "dig yourself a hole" Healthcare and the Covid pandemic provided it. In what history will record as a concerted and unprecedented effort, governments, scientists, doctors and the healthcare industry globally, indulged in a public campaign to combat the SARS-COV2, commencing in early 2020. This campaign still persists.