Long Haul Covid




Aiding and Abetting a Virus

Viruses are the ultimate freeloaders. The best among them — influenza, smallpox and SARS-CoV-2 — spread easily among human hosts while delivering high mortality...

COVID Vaccine Versus Infection: Which Confers More Immunity?

COVID VACCINATION OFFERS MORE PROTECTION than being infected by the virus. That’s the conclusion of a new study that seems to confirm what many believe.

Restoring Credibility. Can We Ever Trust Healthcare Again?

If you wanted the perfect illustration of how to "dig yourself a hole" Healthcare and the Covid pandemic provided it. In what history will record as a concerted and unprecedented effort, governments, scientists, doctors and the healthcare industry globally, indulged in a public campaign to combat the SARS-COV2, commencing in early 2020. This campaign still persists.

Long Covid is Common After Mild Covid-19 Infection

“I was vaccinated but developed a Covid infection shortly before being eligible for a booster shot. I had a fever and fatigue which lasted...